Commando Isn’t Always Bad

I know you probably looked at the title and questioned what the world I meant by that.

There are many of us that still work out in our regular t-shirts maybe some sports shorts, regular socks and cotton underwear. Stop me if I am wrong, but this is common with a lot of beginners. I was guilty of this one until I started working at Dick’s Sporting Goods.With that being said I think it is best to inform you, thanks to Shape Magazine’s March 2013 issue, that the microorganisms found in damp environments cause yeast infections. YIKES. The best kind of workout attire would be anything with high tech threads such as moisture wicking  materials. In this case, if finding moisture wicking undergarments is an problem, commando is your best bet.



Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Isn’t this a cute tune lol, but on a serious note all things are important. When you sweat replenish your body, eat right and always wear proper attire. It doesn’t hurt to look cute with it as well.