Three exercises to help you get THAT ASS!










3 Components to a Successful Fitness Journey

   1)  Motivation is everything! Without it we would not be able to get far in life because motivation is what keeps us going especially when all we want to do is quit. Think of all the reasons why you want to workout and be healthier…is it to get that dream body of yours? Do you want to be more energized throughout the day? Or is it simply to decrease your chances of suffering health issues? Whatever your reasoning is, let that notion be your motivation and that will not only keep you going but it will have you pushing harder!
    2) Turn cardio into your best friend! There are so many benefits to doing cardio but my personal favorite is that it aids in the weight loss division. Do cardio at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes and I guarantee you will notice the pounds shedding off!
   3)    You are what you eat! I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard that saying before, but guess what… its true! A lot of people think by just working out you will see results and that is false.  Over 50% of the fitness journey relies on what you eat alone! Its very important to choose healthier food choices or choose smaller portions in this process, and drink at least 8-10 cups of water a day! 

Quick Strength and Cardio Circuit At Home Workout – MANKOFIT

Description: This basic strength and cardio circuit workout is perfect for those days when you want to work everything in a short period of time. This circuit involves alternating a low impact cardio and strength exercise ! If at any point you feel discomfort please stop as you could get injured. Always before performing any exercise routines do a quick warm up or stretch out. Modify pushups if needed! These routine is to be performed without rest, only you will rest when you are done for 1-3 minutes to start all over again until you have achieved 5 sets (stop immediately if you feel discomfort ).


I personally do this workout in the morning just to get me up for the day. It doesn’t require any weights just your body. I use this work-out typically due the fact that I work through out the day and I want to get a workout in the morning and then I go about a normal workout regimen at night. This workout can be done anywhere, pretty much anytime. Don’t Make Excuses, Just Do It.

Build a Gym at Home


As a college student, I usually have access to a gym 24/7 but since I am home for the summer I managed to build a little gym in the comfort of my own home, and I love every second of it. Little fitness equipment’s like a waist band, weights, a yoga mat, and an exercise ball are not only effective but inexpensive as well. You can purchase these items from your local Walmart or Five Below for a reasonable price and they truly can make a difference in your workout routines. It is important to not only just lose weight but to strengthen, tone and build back up some muscles in your body in order to look lean and fit..and certain equipment can help aid in that process!!

There is never an excuse not to workout! You can become just as lean and fit at home as you can in the gym, all you need is motivation, dedication, and some equipment!


…..Stay Fit, Stay Fabulous!