Change That Mentality & Become A Better YOU!





One thing that I have noticed about people who are trying to lose weight is that they constantly have this idea that they are going on a diet for a short amount of time to lose weight in order to achieve a particular goal, which usually involves impressing others… and to me that is a big NO NO for so many reasons! For one crash diets only work for so long because what happens right after you have achieve that goal of getting into a certain dress or looking good for others? You go right back to the old eating habits that helped you pack on the weight in the first place! Get the idea of dieting out of your head and adapt to the notion that this is a lifestyle change …trust me it makes a difference! I use to constantly say, “Yeah, I’m going on a diet for such and such reason but by the end of the week I went right back to eating and doing the same things that I was doing before.  I wanted change but I was stuck on how to accomplish that change. I’m not exactly sure how it came to me but I decided not to treat this like my usual diet so I created a change …a lifestyle change. I am consonantly preaching that this is a lifestyle change because in order to succeed I had to think differently. There is so much more to losing weight than just looking good for others or to fit into a size smaller than what you use to wear. Its about being a healthier YOU, most importantly a better YOU!

Don’t do this for me or anyone else for that this for YOU!